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Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design


104 weeks

Offshore Tuition Fee


Course Code


Number of units

12 units

Pre Enrolment Information

Prior to enrolment, it is a mandatory requirement for students to attend a Pre-Enrolment Consultation session to ensure students are fully aware of the required course information and can make an informed decision.

Course Overview

RII60520 – Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design reflects the role of an individual working as a senior civil works designer or a para-professional designer, who supports professional engineers. They perform tasks that are broad, specialised, complex and technical and include strategic areas and initiating activities. They are responsible for the design of complex projects to ensure the implementation of the client’s site requirements and are required to demonstrate self-directed application of theoretical and technical knowledge and initiate solutions to technical problems or management requirements.

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of Australian year 12 or equivalent with satisfactory completion of mathematics is mandatory.

Students must be 18 years old and above.

A minimum of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent is required.

Qualification Issued

Once the units of competency required in the training package for this qualification have been successfully completed, the student will be issued with RII60520 – Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design and an academic transcript of all completed units within 30 calendar days. Students who successfully complete individual units of competency within the qualification, but not the qualification in its entirety will be eligible to receive a Statement of Attainment. This document contains a record of all completed units and will be available to students by the end of their course.

AVTA does not guarantee that:

  • a successful education assessment outcome for the student or intending student; or
  • completion of an AVTA qualification will lead to an employment outcome; or
  • a learner will successfully complete a training product on its scope of registration; or
  • a training product can be completed in a manner which does not meet the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.


There are no prerequisites for this qualification.

Course Format

Core Unit CodeCore Unit TitlePre-requisite Unit
BSBPMG632Manage program riskNil
BSBTWK502Manage team effectivenessNil
BSBWHS616Apply safe design principles to control WHS risksNil
RIICWD601EManage civil works design processesNil
RIIQUA601EEstablish and maintain a quality systemNil
Elective Unit Code
Elective Unit Title
Pre-requisite Unit
BSBPMG531Manage project timeNil
BSBPMG532Manage project qualityNil
RIICWD507DPrepare detailed geotechnical designNil
RIICWD509EPrepare detailed design of urban roadsNil
RIICWD510EPrepare detailed design of buswaysNil
MEM30031AOperate computer-aided design (CAD) system to produce basic drawing elementsNil
MEM30032AProduce basic engineering drawingsMEM30031A: Operate computer-aided design (CAD) system to produce basic drawing elements

The above selected elective units may be substituted for any of the approved elective units from the training package, that meet with the packaging rules for this qualification as mentioned above.

Related Occupations

Senior Civil Construction Designer

Completion of an AVTA qualification does not guarantee an employment outcome.

How do I enrol?

To get started with the enrolment process, visit our enrolment page here.
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Course Details

Course Duration

104 weeks

(88 weeks tuition + 16 weeks scheduled break)

Delivery Mode

Face to Face, Distance and Online



Number of units

12 units of competency

(5 core units + 7 elective units)
Tuition Fees

Onshore Fee


Offshore Fee


* Non-Tuition fees is not included in this price

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